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Burying or rescuing the unborn babies, supporting the people in difficult circumstances is the top
missions of Protecting Life Committee of the Archdiocese of Xuan Loc. However, raising the awareness
of Protecting Life in our society is the resolution for the abortion problem. In our limited capacity, the
Committee eager to educate the youth, to follow the educational principles of the Education Ministry.
We would like to join the School and the State in contributing to the awareness of life protection. Also,
we believe education would be the impetus of mind changing.
To proceed with this meaningful program, the Life Protection Committee has been starting the
construction of the “Communicating Park” in addition to others means such as the
web site, the Facebook of Nguyen Van Tich (Father Tich Thai Nhi), YouTube channel named “Father Tich
Thai Nhi” and the “Thai Nhi Cemetery” with new designed upgrade, .
After a period of delay, today, I would like to inform to the benefactors, especially our Protecting Life
Sponsors in USA, the Communicating Park Plan and its implementation.

The Cause
In Vietnamese Society, there are about sixty to seventy percent of the abortion cases on which the
persons involved are students. They are from grade sixth students (12 years old) to university students.
Among the sixth-grade students, there is an implicit standard among their friends, they would need to
have sex to prove they are in contemporary style and in the know. The consequence of the action is that
the students are pregnant, giving birth or doing abortion without enough knowledge of what have
happened, why they are in the dilemma. The Life Protection Committee would like to raise the
awareness of life and human dignity and to speak for the unborn children in preventing wicked action
against them.

The Goal
The dreaming park locates in front of the Mai Tien Temporary Shelter, the land was bought four years
ago with the following purposes:
1. Create a playground for the children and people who come to the Temporary Shelter. It is the relaxing
place during stress and away from home time for people who come to the Shelter in sad and depressed
mood. This park would help to relieve stress and as a mean to connects persons in the Shelter together.
2. Park is the welcome place for families who bring their children to visit the Shelter, as an children’s
park of entertainment. Especially, The Communicating Park is for young people to come and exchange
thoughts and friendship. From these exchanges, young people gain more experience about consequence
of unresponsible sex, the precious of Life, the gift of Life and human dignity.

Park Amenities
– Divine Mercy Monument: for praying and spiritual conversation with Jesus.
– Artificial turf and children's toys where children or families can sit back and talk or play together after a
long working day.
– Gazebo with table for people to come, chat and to have light meals.
– Aquarium tank
– Hydroponic vegetable garden where attendees would participate in vegetable growing activities to
observe natural life in spiritual view.
– A toilet and an incinerator
– A small room for recording, Karaoke singing. Attendees could record their feelings about grim lives,
dreams of new life. This activity help people to relieve stress.

The Communicating Park has been our dream for a long time, now it is in construction process and will
be finished soon. Hopefully, this place will help us to better serve the people who come here to take
refuge, the children who need the better chances of Life and for others who come to find a moment of
fun, accessing to hydroponic vegetable technology, sharing of love, learning lessons from Life and
searching for a moment of silent prayer.
Thank you all for your valuable contribution to Life Protection Project like this one. Thank Mr. Phung
Dang and the workers for project designing and implementing. May God through the intercession of
Saint Mary, Saint Joseph and the Holy Unborn Saints bless your goodwill, bless us all and abundantly
give our lives more worth of living.
Father Joseph Nguyen Van Tich, Life Protection Committee of Diocese of Xuan Loc.

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